I have finally knitted a completed sweater.  Weaved in all my ends.  Washed and dried the garment.  I used a 1980’s Paton pattern and used a yarn I thought was of similar gauge from the stash – after a few false starts which showed a big difference.  So I knitted a smaller size and eyeballed as I went.

I will confess that I found one stitch that was meant to be purled was knitted, in the middle of a row.

Here’s a pic:



V-necks are totally underrated in women’s knitwear – both in handknitting and industrially made womenswear.  I was a little sad to know my mum had given away my school jumper along with the rest of my uniform to a daughter of one of my dad’s clients who was starting at my old school.  It was bottle green and probably not something I would wear ‘out’, but it was a comfortable, fine wool blend and had a standard v-neck.  I may look like a geriatric old man, but at least I will be warm, my neck will be untouched and my boobs will look great!  (Just kidding, a nun could wear that neckline, and it’s a mohair blend so I will probably itch and die.)

Also currently wrapping up a knitted reticule I made from the lovely The Best of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency-Inspired Designs book by Interweave.  It will serve no practical purpose, but it is quite pretty and a great small project after the jumper.  Was tossing up between a baby blue or the dusty rose – you can see which one won!  Only steps left are making a long i-cord to weave through the holes at the top.


I would consider making this pattern again as a gift for someone who would appreciate such a bag.  It is a decently quick knit, even with the fingering gauge, and is worked top down in the round.

I’ve had a LOT of spare time recently, so I’ll probably cut my teeth on another sweater project soon, especially with all the tv show watching I’ve been doing.  So many patterns, so little time.

Bonus: here is a knitted football I came across at a craft fair yesterday.