rock on

Ho hum, I’ve skipped a May post!  The lazy nitpicker in me just turned over in their sleep.

Went to Vivid with dodo, her boyfriend and some of her uni friends.  Was an enjoyable night; time passed so quickly!  After having attended three in total (and am therefore an expert) I think Vivid is best enjoyed with people you can talk about everything and nothing in particular with – the exhibits are more there just as talking points or background noise to help you along.

I had this weird dream involving one of my coworkers where we were in love and totally cute and fluffy together.  Work dreams are the worst.

I can unofficially make coffee now, all without having drank a full shot in my entire life.  Once, I made B get me a babycino with his coffee on campus.  He lived through the shame.  (Seriously though, he is a champ.  And will never read this blog.)  I don’t know how to do latte art though, because honestly I’m just happy to get the right proportion of foam in there, let alone something fancy.




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