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Uni’s starting soon, and I’m both dreading and anticipating it; dreading, because the courses will be more difficult and I probably won’t be able to juggle work and writing reports, and anticipating because I’m a wannabe studybug at heart.

Went to three days of O week.  THERE IS KNITSOC, YOU CAN BET I SIGNED UP AS SOON AS I COULD OMG OMG EXCITED hopefully they have meetings when I am free.  It’s unlikely though.

On Tuesday, I went to the Engineering seminar for finding industrial training, because it’s compulsory in our faculty to do a paid internship over the summer holidays before final year.  And let me tell you, that seminar was both helpful and terrifying.  Networking?  Cold calling??  Meeting up with strangers who work in the company to discuss a job over coffee???  NOPE.

Wednesday I went to USyd.  Met B at his stall and saw him later walking off with the girl he likes teehee.  Also finally found Dodo, and met some of her Chopsticks members and they were really nice to me – am I weird for being surprised when people are nice to me?  They were like welcoming and taught me some reflex game and mahjong and ugh great people.  Dodo and I went off in search of the free iceblocks (Topshop, had to give them our details first though so hm) and to do some printing for her club. Bumped into Jenny and Julia on the way!!  Visiting USyd is fun because I think I have more friends there ugh not like I had a choice in unis though.  I HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP WITH WITH DODO THOUGH.  She’s been having a busy life, what with being a club exec, breaking up with a boyfriend, parties…  We have kept in touch sporadically/regularly but definitely need to chat more!



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