I went iceskating on Sunday with Bubbles.  I was anticipating a hot day, so I wore a short sleeved dress with my legs bare.  Thankfully, I arrived at Macquarie early, so I could spend twenty minutes frantically hitting up chain stores for basic black leggings.  F21 did not have them, so I guess we will just have to start colouring our bare legs in  with charcoal again because obviously the world must have ran out of black leggings.  (They did have grey ones… which were not stretchy?  How do you screw this up?)

Luckily, H&M was right opposite so I dashed between… capsules?  I see the plan is to maximise consumer pathlength through the store, by having absolutely no signs or indication of any order.  I need my stores to have signs, like a supermarket aisle or the various categories on the eBay homepage.  Anyway, H&M leggings were $12.95 and um that’s expensive.  But I’m a battler and I spy another basic-basic looking section, and lo and behold!  Black leggings, some of which are disgustingly linty (I thought it was a spotty/variegated pattern…) and none of which are in my size but are strangely a few dollars cheaper.  I grab the next size up and hope for the best while paying at the counter, because I am almost late.

You know, now that I think about it, getting hosiery leggings would probably have been the best move.  Or to suck it up and find the damn Target/Big W.

Anyway, I did not know where the iceskating entry was!  Got in and got skates, and skated and chatted with Bubbles.  Got dragged into joining the limbo game on the rink, and fell down that one time!  My right buttock occasionally twinges; Bubbles was worse off and tore his jeans.  So he schlumped off to the seats to “wallow in shame” and I joined him because I am a good sport.  Not before one more solo round around the rink.

Had bagels and curly fries at the bagel place, it was quite nice.  But then again, it’s kind of hard to stuff up burgers and fries, isn’t it?  Accompanied Bubbles to buy jeans, he said something about leg muscles hampering his choices?  All I could hear was “I have nice leg muscles and my thighs look delectable in denim” so uhh anyway the jeans were bought quite quickly.  I will never get over the fact that women’s clothing costs more than men’s – there was a lot of $49 mens jeans at Levis, and then a few women’s jeans that were like at least 30% more expensive.  I MEAN, I’M NOT EVEN GETTING 100% COTTON BECAUSE YOU KNOW CURVES AND STUFF.  WHY AM I PAYING MORE TO HAVE ELASTANE?  IT’S NOT LIKE I’M USING MORE MATERIALS.  There was this pair I kind of liked but I didn’t want to waste his time and I didn’t have much money after buying our lunch.

Which reminds me, I need to buy myself at least one nice pair of denim so that I’m not running around campus with my asscrack hanging out for the second year in a row.  I’ve been wearing this same damn pair of blue jeans for years now, but even more so after my original main piece got a hole from chub rub and I couldn’t be bothered buying a new pair.  My current ones were labelled “EXTREME LOW RISE”, but I didn’t care because FINALLY A PAIR OF JEANS THAT FIT ME.  Now, I can’t bend more than 5 degrees from my waist without getting the urge to arrest myself for public indecency.

Oh also I dragged him to Daiso and I got a little plastic storage thing with four drawers so I can keep all the little bits of useless stuff that live on my desk!  Hooray for compartmentalising my mess!

In other news, I’ve finally cut things off with old dude after he kept calling me (?!) and told him it was the age difference that was freaking me out.  He was nice about it, but boy do I feel relieved now.


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