flash flood

It’s been almost two weeks since I got back from a road trip to the Gold Coast with family, it was pretty great.  Road trip!!  Mum happened to pick the one week with rain everyday, but the rain was polite enough to fall in the evening right after we got back from the beach.  Got a decent tan – no such thing as healthy tan, yes, but I like it when I look darker and I like the fact that I got it from being active outside.  Watched tennis every night.  Visited Brisbane, the CBD is very very quiet.  All the boys were surfer dudes or high schoolers.  Dad actually caught a fish that was bigger than palm-sized.  There’s nothing like the thrill of riding a wave all the way to the sand.  Many snacks.

There has been little else in my life recently.  Played Twilight Struggle “the highest ranked game on boardgamegeek” with Xionk and rediscovered $2 Taco Tuesday.  We loudly hated on soft tacos at the counter while waiting for them to make our order.  (The El De Paso girl got it wrong.  You can’t have both, you can only have the hard ones, because no one will have the leftover soft ones.)

Met B (god, I really cannot remember what initial I’m using for him) at a local park for morning tea with his dog.  His dog is this amazingly quiet, slow-paced princess who is the FLUFFIEST blob.  I brought my baked gingernuts which had gone soft and he brought Lemon Crisps, like a champ.  Mucked around and walked the dog, and eventually walked to his house under the lure of cheesy Korean instant ramen (!) because his mother kept calling to know where he was.  B’s mother called literally every twenty minutes, and I don’t know how much of that was due to him only telling her he was taking the dog out for a walk.  I hid in a side street when we got near his house because he didn’t want his mother to see me as she left to catch the bus.

This makes me sound sooo much like a secretive sidedish.

When the coast was clear, I went in.  His dog promptly flopped in the doorway.  I used his bathroom (we had a lot of tea.)  Marvelled at the spaciness – in my bathroom, everything I need is within arms’-length when I sit on the toilet.  Ate the noodles, the generic instant noodle soup stock and the cheese powder actually worked.  Blew B’s mind by telling him that kimchi is a fermented food.  As is chocolate and coffee.  See ma, I’m actually learning at uni!

He gave me a mini tour of the inside of his house, i.e. I got to check out his room.  Gundam figures, haha.

So we were sitting on the sofa and burying each other in cushions and such when my phone rings.  As you some of you probably know too well, I’m very bad at picking up the phone, especially when I’m out and my parents have no idea when I’m coming back home.  So by some stroke of luck I actually hear the vibrations (silent phone for life) and look at the call screen, 100% expecting it to be my mum.  It was… old dude.  Calling me.

I’d been taking B’s advice and ignoring any communication from old dude ever since that coffee date, so I guess the four unreplied texts were followed up with him calling me.  B was nosy and insisted on listening to the voicemail, so I made him summarise it.  He says it was an innocuous message asking me out for coffee.

Eventually the stress of any of B’s family coming home was too much for me so I decided to walk home, with which B was kind enough to walk me all the way to my house.  What he was not kind enough to tell me, however, was that my mouth was covered in the 99% cocoa chocolate he gave me.  IT WAS ON MY MOUTH FOR BASICALLY AN HOUR AND A HALF THE WHOLE TIME AND HE DIDN’T TELL ME.  I am a failure at being an adult.



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