the year that was

Last year I:

  • got my Ps and my own car (loan)
  • scraped by with my study
  • went overseas to Canada and considered finding work overseas after graduation
  • quit a job
  • found another job
  • saw the same twenty people everyday for a year
  • was a doormat
  • lamented my lack of social life
  • developed a mild shopping addiction
  • kept track and planned my finances (still broke though)
  • bought one or two makeup items


This year I will:

  • study hard because it’s sort of my final year
  • maintain/improve on my average because I want the CSIRO summer scholarship
  • look around for science-related work/internships
  • meet up with friends more often
  • save up more
  • become more independent
  • experience more
  • wear what I like and own it
  • learn how to wear makeup, even if I never wear it outside the house
  • knit more
  • learn to crochet and sew

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