I’m awkward and unsociable, and mostly a dork.  At work and when interacting with people that aren’t really friends, I find myself overthinking the things I say, trying and saying generic things calculated to get a response in order to get conversation.  Is this what being self-aware is? Because I feel overly so, and I’m pretty sure it’s doing me no favours.

I had a strange dream involving my ex-boyfriend this morning, and with the way the dream situation was I figure it’s my brain going through some things about the relationship that I don’t like to think about.  (Nothing serious, just severe mental cringe.)  I woke up noticing what looked like a wasp nest near the central air vent in my bedroom which turned out to be a flat layer of dirt hanging off the ceiling.  Like a true adult, I hid under the covers and yelled for my dad.  He didn’t take it seriously.






i don’t know

I finished knitting this and I can’t stop grinning every time I look at it.