fumble and pass

I got a job at a cafe/restaurant and I have come to realise that I have the weakest wrists/fingers ever, i.e. I am a useless waitress.  We’re supposedly meant to carry the pepper grinder with us when we serve mains and seafood but I have yet to remember because I don’t care about pepper.  (I like pepper, but never use it as an extra condiment for food.)

I bought a new book for the first time in ages, a knitting book, and ugh I just want to make all the patterns.  The colours and patterns are so good, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do all twenty-two of them, even with a few lifetimes.

Going to post about shoes sometime!  I know I was going to make a haul post about some karmaloop clothes ages ago but I am shy and vain at the same time so instead all you foot fetishists can enjoy my photos of shoes and my feet in them.

EBAY OBSESSION WHAT WHAT – steadily spending myself to a death by poverty and suffocation under an avalanche of secondhand clothes and new heels to never be worn.  On the plus side, I will have nice summer clothes.  (It is impossible to buy a nice winter wardrobe on the cheap, especially on eBay.  Acrylic make me angry.)

On a related note, I’m thinking about using a budgeting app or program.  I’ve never formally made a budget or anything, just relegated an appropriate amount of each week/fortnight’s pay for transport, snacks, shopping and eating out and put the rest in my cheque and savings accounts.  Yes, I realise that’s a lot of mostly wants and not needs.  Also, the money I use from online shopping comes from the money I put into my bank account, so not all of it is saved.  I think I’m doing a passable job with my money, but I can feel my self-discipline slipping.  It’s good to have cold amounts and percentages so I have some defined limits for how I use/save my money, so here’s to another step of adulthood!