*credit to Xionkly for godsnot, based off some wittastic one liner of his

On Saturday went to a fete at a retirement village with Emily and Xionky, bought nothing but some vanilla biscuits which were actually really good.

Sat around in Macquarie Centre chatting, drinking almond milk and eating $1 ‘large’ fries.  Shared younger brother war stories.  Ate some subpar chicken pad thai.  Emily likes sultanas.  We accidentally matched our clothing again.  It’s fun hanging out with them two.  Please excuse my truncated sentences.


Almost blacked out in the middle of lab this morning.  I had to run to make the 9am start, and lab was proceeding fine but I was mildly uncomfortable for the hour I was in there for: I was unusually warm and sweaty, and there wasn’t a distinct pain, just a sort of general all-over discomfort or ache so I couldn’t stand still because it just didn’t feel right.  (I think I just wanted to flop all over the bench, actually.)  So it was getting towards the end of the first part and I was beginning to realise that my face had gotten clammy and sweaty, even after removing a jacket.  Suddenly my vision was getting darker and darker.  This happened over the span of probably ten seconds at most.  The demonstrator was taking the last measurement of the scales, and somehow my mind thought that if I could just last through till the switchover to the next part of lab, I could somehow snap out of the hot-cold, clammy state I was in and regain my sight.  But alas, the scales would not display, and after five seconds of impatient frustration the rational part of my mind made me walk over abruptly to our lecturer/head demonstrator and ask him to excuse me as I was feeling unwell.

By this stage, the entire time while I was talking to him, walking out of the lab and into his office opposite to collect my bag and leave my name, my vision was almost entire dark/black, except for the crucial outlines of the shapes around me.  I was feeling incredibly light-headed, and combined with my impaired vision I almost walked into the door when leaving his office.  As I walked to the lift, though, my eyes returned back to normal and some of the light-headedness subsided.

This was a really weird experience.  Something similar has happened only once – when I spent the afternoon of a day at uni battling monster period cramps (the sort that make you walk hunched over, and for no longer than fifty metres at a time) and then had to walk uphill from the bus stop to get home.  I had basically begun to black out: got my sister to open the door, went in, removed my clothes and fainted into bed.  I think that was a reaction to the pain; I can’t think of a direct cause for today’s episode, I’m just a little sicker than usual.