First day back from break, and my pencilcase and calculator (a.k.a. my life) are still missing.

One Tuesday in midsemester break, S and I went to Three Williams in Redfern, where they serve the best fries in Sydney!  By a bad stroke of luck, the cafe was in a blackout when we walked in (“Is this no lighting thing part of the hip inner city cafe scene?”) and the head waitress and the staff were very apologetic about it.  S and I decided to sit in anyway, and wait the half hour till the power came back.  We ordered the grilled prawn narnie and the triple-cooked fries with aioli.

Being very photo-averse people, we have no photos and I have none to blog here, but if you google the cafe you can find plenty of reviews and photos of their house specialties.  The narnies are a naan bread folded over, like a taco tortilla shell, instead of sandwich bread.  The grilled prawn was really good; I can remember the sauce being really nice.

And the fries.  Certainly lived up to the hype, was $7 for a generous plate golden brown with amazing crunch and soft on the inside with aioli on the side.  S really enjoyed the aioli on his fries; I preferred the fries as they were, lightly salted.  The aioli wasn’t bad… it was just too creamy and fluffy? to go with the fries.  (I think I imagined it would be more like a tartare sauce.  I’m a fish-and-chip sort of pleb.)  But the fries were GREAT nonetheless, and I strongly recommend the narnies as well.  S says their coffee ain’t that good though, but who goes to a cafe for coffee, am I right?  Fries is where it’s at.

Saturday was book fair with Conkle and Wiener.  (I have cool friends.)  I got up at the crack of dawn to pick up Conk from the bus stop and we got to the community hall just after seven thirty.  There was actually a queue, even before the doors had opened, and by the time the doors did open at eight, the queue was a good fifty metres long.

I got in and made a beeline for the cookbooks, and emerged from the pileup an hour and a half later with satisfied with what I got.  I have Dreadnought, one of my favourite books ever, and thus I don’t think any book fair can ever compare.  DREADNOUGHT.


– Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War, by Robert K Massie

– Chocolate, by Donna Hay

– The Penguin Book of Etiquette

– Folks, This Ain’t Normal, by Joel Salatin

– four of those A5 sized cookbooks

– Wicked: Sinful Desserts from your Favourite Chefs

– The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir

– Cakes, by the Country Women’s Association

I was standing at the Craft section, waiting for the lady next to me to finish browsing (and covertly shooting dirties at the lady who pushed in) when a lady on the other side of me asks “What craft do you do?”  I reply “knitting”, and she asks me if I have heard of Crowle House, the name of the charity craft place where I used to volunteer (I still do, but we’ve moved premises two streets away.)  So we have a little chat about the general amazingness of the store.  It was pretty serendipitous .

Also, still a goal to join the Country Women’s Association.  They even have a branch seeking members at Eastwood.  When I have time!!!



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