I always have some spare

I took yesterday off because I have officially given up on Food Processing Principles, it is just so bad.  I’m pretty sure a four hours straight block of lectures is against the Geneva conventions, not even mentioning our lecturer himself.  If they increased our labs beyond three a semester, there would be mutiny.

Hm, what have I done recently?  There isn’t much, given my timetable and general antisociableness.  Emily and Xionky and I went bowling one Tuesday, and it was really fun!

Xionk and I were having some bowling pun-offs pre-game; I don’t know why, bowling is just a hilarious sport?  Anyway, we met at Macquarie at 10am, mucked around a bit and suddenly it was 10:30am and we walked in and were starting a game.  I think the place had literally just opened, apart from the emloyees getting the place ready, it was empty otherwise, and it felt like what I imagine clubbing would feel like just before lunchtime.  But you know, a bit wilder.

Bowling shoes are totally different now, gone are the daggy coloured brogues, they are some slick velcro things that kinda look like cycling shoes.  So still daggy I guess.

I started and it was a decent start but then I got gutterballs for four frames (drooping my head in shame over my keyboard right now) and slowly Emily and Conk crept up.  Emily won, hahaha.  Somehow feels obvious and fitting that she would win because she is a fighter!!! And uh pretty sure Xionk broke his wrist or something on a no. 13 ball.

So it took us only twenty minutes to finish our game (!) and we went out, with still no other people in sight, and couldn’t decide what to do for the rest of the day.  It was not even eleven o’ clock!  People meet up for outings at this sort of time!  And there we were, at a lousy shopping centre with nowhere to go.  So we stayed and talked and annoyed nearby eaters in the food court.  It was a good day.  Next time, though, later meeting time and two games.  (And a heavier ball for me.)

Hehe blowing my nose while my dad is close by on the phone with his friend



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