First day back from break, and my pencilcase and calculator (a.k.a. my life) are still missing.

One Tuesday in midsemester break, S and I went to Three Williams in Redfern, where they serve the best fries in Sydney!  By a bad stroke of luck, the cafe was in a blackout when we walked in (“Is this no lighting thing part of the hip inner city cafe scene?”) and the head waitress and the staff were very apologetic about it.  S and I decided to sit in anyway, and wait the half hour till the power came back.  We ordered the grilled prawn narnie and the triple-cooked fries with aioli.

Being very photo-averse people, we have no photos and I have none to blog here, but if you google the cafe you can find plenty of reviews and photos of their house specialties.  The narnies are a naan bread folded over, like a taco tortilla shell, instead of sandwich bread.  The grilled prawn was really good; I can remember the sauce being really nice.

And the fries.  Certainly lived up to the hype, was $7 for a generous plate golden brown with amazing crunch and soft on the inside with aioli on the side.  S really enjoyed the aioli on his fries; I preferred the fries as they were, lightly salted.  The aioli wasn’t bad… it was just too creamy and fluffy? to go with the fries.  (I think I imagined it would be more like a tartare sauce.  I’m a fish-and-chip sort of pleb.)  But the fries were GREAT nonetheless, and I strongly recommend the narnies as well.  S says their coffee ain’t that good though, but who goes to a cafe for coffee, am I right?  Fries is where it’s at.

Saturday was book fair with Conkle and Wiener.  (I have cool friends.)  I got up at the crack of dawn to pick up Conk from the bus stop and we got to the community hall just after seven thirty.  There was actually a queue, even before the doors had opened, and by the time the doors did open at eight, the queue was a good fifty metres long.

I got in and made a beeline for the cookbooks, and emerged from the pileup an hour and a half later with satisfied with what I got.  I have Dreadnought, one of my favourite books ever, and thus I don’t think any book fair can ever compare.  DREADNOUGHT.


– Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War, by Robert K Massie

– Chocolate, by Donna Hay

– The Penguin Book of Etiquette

– Folks, This Ain’t Normal, by Joel Salatin

– four of those A5 sized cookbooks

– Wicked: Sinful Desserts from your Favourite Chefs

– The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir

– Cakes, by the Country Women’s Association

I was standing at the Craft section, waiting for the lady next to me to finish browsing (and covertly shooting dirties at the lady who pushed in) when a lady on the other side of me asks “What craft do you do?”  I reply “knitting”, and she asks me if I have heard of Crowle House, the name of the charity craft place where I used to volunteer (I still do, but we’ve moved premises two streets away.)  So we have a little chat about the general amazingness of the store.  It was pretty serendipitous .

Also, still a goal to join the Country Women’s Association.  They even have a branch seeking members at Eastwood.  When I have time!!!



I always have some spare

I took yesterday off because I have officially given up on Food Processing Principles, it is just so bad.  I’m pretty sure a four hours straight block of lectures is against the Geneva conventions, not even mentioning our lecturer himself.  If they increased our labs beyond three a semester, there would be mutiny.

Hm, what have I done recently?  There isn’t much, given my timetable and general antisociableness.  Emily and Xionky and I went bowling one Tuesday, and it was really fun!

Xionk and I were having some bowling pun-offs pre-game; I don’t know why, bowling is just a hilarious sport?  Anyway, we met at Macquarie at 10am, mucked around a bit and suddenly it was 10:30am and we walked in and were starting a game.  I think the place had literally just opened, apart from the emloyees getting the place ready, it was empty otherwise, and it felt like what I imagine clubbing would feel like just before lunchtime.  But you know, a bit wilder.

Bowling shoes are totally different now, gone are the daggy coloured brogues, they are some slick velcro things that kinda look like cycling shoes.  So still daggy I guess.

I started and it was a decent start but then I got gutterballs for four frames (drooping my head in shame over my keyboard right now) and slowly Emily and Conk crept up.  Emily won, hahaha.  Somehow feels obvious and fitting that she would win because she is a fighter!!! And uh pretty sure Xionk broke his wrist or something on a no. 13 ball.

So it took us only twenty minutes to finish our game (!) and we went out, with still no other people in sight, and couldn’t decide what to do for the rest of the day.  It was not even eleven o’ clock!  People meet up for outings at this sort of time!  And there we were, at a lousy shopping centre with nowhere to go.  So we stayed and talked and annoyed nearby eaters in the food court.  It was a good day.  Next time, though, later meeting time and two games.  (And a heavier ball for me.)

Hehe blowing my nose while my dad is close by on the phone with his friend