Legwear: Mock Suspenders with Bows

In my never-ending quest for cheap/crazy/sexy hosiery, I bought this pair of tights from eBay last week:

Women Sheer Satin Bowknot Mock Suspender Tights Pantyhose Stockings Leggings, $5.50 at eBay.com.au

To my utter surprise, they came in the mail today, exactly one week after I ordered them! The seller was from China and their rating wasn’t the best, so I had low expectations of quality and shipping time, having bought from Chinese sellers in the past.  Shipping was free.

The item came in a thin plastic mailer bag:

The tights came in an actual package like you would see in a store, and ignoring the (shoddy) English, the rest of the product information is in Japanese on the back.


Description: Exactly as shown in the stock image.  The sheer part might be a bit darker in real life, but that’s about it.

Quality: Another pleasant surprise.  The suspender/stocking part of the tights were nice and thick, just like the opaque stockings you had to wear at school if you were a good girl whose mother bought their hosiery, which I was.  (Although I secretly hoped for sheer ones, because SEX APPEAL.)  The gusset is also made of the same material, so I think this pair will last a lot longer than my other awesome China-bought tights that soon disintegrated.

I totally tried these on backwards just to see if it would work.  Alas, there’s only one mock suspender strap on each leg, so it looks like you are wearing them backwards.


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