Haul: Iron Fist Boots and T-Shirt review

On an ebay bender (it all started with me losing a Madame Spike auction) I bought myself some Iron Fist.

Iron Fist Women’s Buzz Killer T-Shirt, US$12.38 at ebay.com

Iron Fist Women’s Tigre and Bunny Boots in Turquoise, US$29.62 at ebay.com

Shipping: There was combination shipping, I paid a total of $27 for shipping from the US.  I received the items really quickly; I ordered on the 14th and received them on the 18th!


The shirt: Really soft 100% cotton fabric, and the print is as the stock picture.  The hems are unfinished except for the collar.  The actual shirt has deliberate holes all over it – nicks in the collar, around the edge of the sleeves and body, as well as below the print and on the back.  This isn’t really obvious on the model, but they are now super obvious after I washed the shirt.  I don’t mind it, I just didn’t expect it to have that many.


The boots: They are pain.  Pain embodied in a high-heeled turquoise cowboy boot.  There is some superficial padding in the middle of the sole, exactly where feet are least likely to touch/press on the sole of a shoe, and even just standing creates bolts of pain shooting up the heel of my foot.  Definitely going to get some gel pads for the heel and balls of my feet before I even contemplate being able to go out in these.


The colour is the same as the stock photo, although with less inner glow.  Depending on the lighting, they can look grass green to a darkish sky blue in a photo with the same amount of light in the same room.

This didn’t occur to me until after I placed the order, but the shirt and the boots were likely to be factory seconds or excess stock; the shirt doesn’t seem defective in any way to me, but the boots have dried glue on them.  Most of it would be unnoticeable to people who aren’t wearing them, but otherwise yes, it was the first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box.  I could spend some lonely Friday nights picking it off… but instead I will be working to pay off all these gorgeous but financially/podiatrically silly shoes.


Legwear: Mock Suspenders with Bows

In my never-ending quest for cheap/crazy/sexy hosiery, I bought this pair of tights from eBay last week:

Women Sheer Satin Bowknot Mock Suspender Tights Pantyhose Stockings Leggings, $5.50 at eBay.com.au

To my utter surprise, they came in the mail today, exactly one week after I ordered them! The seller was from China and their rating wasn’t the best, so I had low expectations of quality and shipping time, having bought from Chinese sellers in the past.  Shipping was free.

The item came in a thin plastic mailer bag:

The tights came in an actual package like you would see in a store, and ignoring the (shoddy) English, the rest of the product information is in Japanese on the back.


Description: Exactly as shown in the stock image.  The sheer part might be a bit darker in real life, but that’s about it.

Quality: Another pleasant surprise.  The suspender/stocking part of the tights were nice and thick, just like the opaque stockings you had to wear at school if you were a good girl whose mother bought their hosiery, which I was.  (Although I secretly hoped for sheer ones, because SEX APPEAL.)  The gusset is also made of the same material, so I think this pair will last a lot longer than my other awesome China-bought tights that soon disintegrated.

I totally tried these on backwards just to see if it would work.  Alas, there’s only one mock suspender strap on each leg, so it looks like you are wearing them backwards.

panda eyes

Yesterday was the last day of classes for summer school, and I feel like I have been through an intensive bootcamp, but you know, not for physical exertion.  But a marathon of boredom, trying to learn the least amount possible, staying awake when really anyone else your age is sleeping in for another three hours, and just general sourness that the sun is shining, it’s summer and it’s the holidays… just not for you.  Still have two exams!

Things I would be super-employable for:

– zit popping (Yeah I’m a kid and totally disgusting.)

– ruining things for people

– slouching (I’m no slouch in this department. <ducks>)

– complaining (Writing letters to the editor is for interns.)

– dishwashing, if you don’t mind breakages every now and then


stunned mullet

I was groped on the train today.

I had gotten onto the train at Central, walked up the stairs to the upper carriage and quickly sat down at the aisle end of a three-seater.  A few minutes later, at the next stop Redfern, people were walking past me to alight.  I was daydreaming, looking out the window on my side of the carriage, when suddenly, there was a hand grabbing at my left breast.

It was for a second or two at most, when my mind registered that out of the blue, there was someone, very deliberately, touching me.  Instinctively, I raised an arm and shoved the arm away, but not before he had managed to get a few squeezes in.  There was resistance as I pushed, like he didn’t expect it and wanted to keep at it.  However, the man smoothly let go and walked out, and I sat there, watching him walk up the platform.

The carriage was less than half full, with perhaps one person every three or four seats.  There was a man a seat away from me, who would have very likely seen it all or at least noticed something.  All of the above happened in dead silence, with no commotion except when I pushed the offender’s arm away.  My entire train ride was silence.

It was surreal to me.  The most he would have seen of me was at most a few seconds as I walked up the stairs and sat down.  The man had walked from behind me, up the aisle, and wouldn’t have seen my face or anything as he reached for my chest.  I think he must have picked me as a target as soon as I got on the train, then carried out the plan as he got off the train.  It was like a routine, cold and premediated; get up, walk, grope, get out, with no break in between.

As soon as he had let go, my mind started whirring.  What the fuck just happened?  Did I just get sexually assaulted for the first time?  I should do something as he walks down those stairs.  I should get up and follow him, make a commotion, before those train doors close!  Did anyone in the carriage see what happened?  Maybe if I got off at the next stop I would be able to stop him.  (That would have been impossible anyway, but especially since the next stop was more than fifteen minutes away.)  However, another part of my brain, still in a shocked stupor, overrode these thoughts.  I spent the train ride alternating between kicking myself for being a ‘passive’ victim, and imagining myself crash-tackling or physically hurting the man and confronting him on the platform.  Either way, I was furious with him.  And partly, but significantly, myself.  I can still feel the phantom sensation of his hand on me.

As for his appearance?  A tall, white, balding old man in tradesman/labourers’ clothing.  I didn’t see his face.